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Application of polyester film for electrical insulation

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Polyester film for electrical insulation has great market potential. The polyester film for the electrical insulation industry in our country was developed late, and industrialization began in 1974, but the industry developed rapidly depending on the advantages of policy support and industrial capital investment.

polyester film for electrical insulation

Insulation materials the first thing that comes to mind is an electrical material that insulates, not only the electrical apparatus but also blocks the flow of electricity through the material. An insulating material used to make the conduction of electricity at different potentials somewhat obstructed. In different electrical goods, according to needs, polyester film for electrical insulation often also acts as energy storage, heat dissipation, cooling, arc extinguishing, damp-proof, mildew-proof, corrosion-proof, radiation-proof, mechanical support and fixing, maintenance of conductors, and so on.

Polyester film for electrical insulation is an important kind of electrical insulation material, which is made of synthetic resin by extrusion, stretching, blowing, or casting methods. With the development of synthetic resin and its molding technology, polyester film for electrical insulation has been developed rapidly. Polyester film for electrical insulation has many kinds, with high mechanical strength and toughness, excellent electrical performance, and good solvent resistance, applied to the wire, cable insulation, and other areas.

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