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What are the benefits of white polyester film for crop production?
 Nov 26, 2021|View:250

Now agricultural production with white polyester film, visible white polyester film on the production of crops is second to none, white polyester film to improve crop yield has a lot of help. white polyester film has become a common tool in agricultural production. The temperature control of white polyester film is accomplished by ventilation and heating. Therefore, in the summer, the use of shading materials can also reduce sun exposure, so that crops do not let the sun's glare burn. This can also be sufficient to prevent the temperature inside the shed too high. In order to minimize heat loss, improve air temperature and soil temperature, white polyester film to cover as far as possible. Wind barriers can also be set up around the greenhouses, and then the greenhouses will be covered by grass, non-woven fabric, foam plastic and other multi-layer measures. In addition, heating measures can also be used to increase the temperature.

white polyester film

Daytime light is sufficient, if the film is closed, the temperature in the shed rises quickly, up to 40 ~ 50℃ above, 20℃ higher than outside the shed. Unlike white pet film, cloudy and rainy days, increase the white polyester film temperature effect is poor. The lower temperature in the shed at night is generally 1 ~ 3℃ higher than that outside the shed. The temperature ratio in the shed is stable, usually 10 ~ 20℃. The temperature inside the shed also varies from location to location. White mylar is horizontally distributed to be tall in the middle and low on both sides, so plants in the middle of the greenhouse tend to be taller than plants on both sides.

When we manage white polyester film, we need to pay attention to the adjustment of temperature and humidity in the shed. About the temperature, we can not make the white polyester film too stuffy. We should often ventilate to prevent the plant from being stuffy, because the enclosure is good. Therefore, relying on natural ventilation will not work very well. Therefore, it is necessary to adopt artificial ventilation management to balance the temperature and humidity in the white polyester film, which is more conducive to the growth of crops.

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