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Why do greenhouses choose white polyester film?

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Reasons for choosing white polyester film for greenhouses:

1, white polyester film transmittance is better. Greenhouses plastic film with white, can as much as the sun into the greenhouses. Absorbs heat and saves energy.

Vegetable greenhouses are generally used in light blue and white two kinds of film, light blue film itself light absorption, to quickly improve the temperature in the shed has a certain help, but the light blue film has an impact on the transmittance of light, to promote photosynthesis of blue light has a certain filtering effect, affecting the color of solanaceous vegetables. The white film has a filtering effect on the penetration of red and orange light.

Reasons for choosing white polyester film

2.The problem of ultraviolet intensity. With the increase of latitude and altitude, the intensity of ultraviolet light will become more and more intense, light blue film itself is easy to absorb aging, its service life will be greatly reduced. That is to say, north of 38 degrees north latitude, more than a kilometer above sea level, generally not suitable for light blue film, and more suitable for electrical insulation film.

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