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CR25RG48 hydrolysis resistance polyester film
  • Name: CR25RG48 hydrolysis resistance polyester film
  • Model: CR25RG48 hydrolysis resistance polyester film
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    • CR25RG48 hydrolysis resistance polyester film
Product Details

Hydrolysis resistance polyester film is Jiangsu Yuxing main products,if you need hydrolysis resistance polyester film,Welcome to contact us Jiangsu Yuxing hydrolysis resistance polyester film manufacturer.

CY25RG48/60 is milk white opaque film with excellent electrical insulation properties, very good anti-hydrolysis aging performance and composite processing performance.

Translucence, milk white film; Excellent electrical insulation and superior hydrolysis resistance performance; Very good coating processing performance.

 It is widely used for solar cell back sheet etc. 

Recommended thickness is 125um, 190um & 250μm.

Standard width: 1000mm/1010mm/1020mm etc.

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