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The future of film transparent polyester mat
 Oct 17, 2022|View:375

With the increasing use of the film polyester transparent mat, many in the industry are now concerned about the future trend of the film polyester transparent mat. So what is the future trend of the film polyester transparent mat?

film transparent polyester mat

The purpose of the film transparent polyester mat is to separate the live part from the non-live part or the part with different potential so that the current can flow according to the route set by people. According to the need, polyester film transparent mat often also plays the role of energy storage, heat dissipation, cooling, arc extinguishing, moisture-proof, mildew-proof, corrosion-proof, radiation-proof, mechanical support and fixed, protective conductor, and so on. The research and development level of film transparent polyester mat is one of the key factors that restrict the development of electrical technology.

In recent years, our domestic film polyester transparent mat production industry in recent years, especially compared with foreign film polyester transparent mat production enterprises, has had a more obvious cost advantage. With the increase of R & D Investment and technology level of domestic film polyester transparent mat production enterprises, our film polyester transparent mat products occupy an increasing share of the international market, and the competitiveness of the international market has gradually improved. Most of the well-known polyester film transparent mat companies in the international market are comprehensive chemical and chemical products manufacturers with strong technical levels and financial strength, material manufacturing technology, production equipment, customer quality, and service level that are leading the world.

From the perspective of future trends, the development of high-voltage, heat-resistant insulation, impact resistance, environmental protection insulation, composite insulation, corrosion resistance, water resistance, oil resistance, cold resistance, radiation resistance, and flame retardant materials, research and development of environmental protection and energy-saving materials.

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