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Application of film polyester and points for attention in the selection

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With the progress of society and Scientific and technological breakthroughs, many new products have gradually entered the public's field of vision, and film polyester is one of them. Film polyester has good mechanical and chemical properties, high toughness, puncture resistance, high-temperature resistance, good air tightness, and so on, and many businesses deeply love it.

film polyester

So what are the applications of film polyester?

1. Packaging materials: the use of film polyester as packaging can be very effective in the protection of goods, preventing pollution, extending shelf life, decorative beautification of goods, improving the added value of goods;

2. Decorative materials: such as glass film, etc

3. Electrical materials: such as cable, wire wrap composite insulation film, flexible circuit board, etc

4. Sensitive materials: such as X-ray film, film, photography software, etc

Tape base: such as tape base, floppy disk, etc

So what should we pay attention to when choosing film polyester?

1. In the choice of film polyester should pay attention to the film thickness uniform; if the film thickness is not uniform, then the printing pressure is not uniform, which will lead to printing ink or dark;

2. If the strength index is qualified, the printing pressure applied during the printing process is related to the thickness of the polyester film. If the strength of the film polyester is too poor, the tension of the film during the printing process will be difficult to control and will have a great impact on die-cutting and waste discharge;

3. Film polyester has corrosion resistance and anti-aging. If poor corrosion resistance makes it easy to age, then it may lead to the label is not durable, thus affecting the sale and use of goods. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out anti-aging experiments on plastics or labels to test their performance.

To sum up, I hope that the application of film polyester and notes can help you better choose a good business.

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