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The role and advantages of pv backsheet film
 Aug 05, 2022|View:7

With the technological progress of all links in the PV industry chain, the distributed PV market is expected to enter a period of rapid development, which will promote the further growth of PV installed demand in China. Due to the continuous decline of PV cost and the influence of national policy support, the installed capacity of the PV market in our country will continue to expand, the demand for the PV backboard market will continue to increase, and demand for pv backsheet film is also rising.

pv backsheet film

Commercial crystalline silicon solar modules are required to last 25 years, and usually consist of a glass-EVA-cell-EVA-backplane structure, with the backplane located at the outermost layer of the PV module, pv backsheet film is the key protection material, and pv backsheet film outermost material is a key factor to determine the service life of the backsheet. pv backsheet film can protect the middle layer of the solar cell backplane PET film greatly to ensure safe, reliable, long-term performance of the support module, water resistance, and oxygen resistance. At present, domestic pv backsheet film has the following advantages:

The first is higher fluorine content, which makes it have better UV irradiation ability and chemical resistance, the second is better flame retardant performance, which is essential for safety performance, and the third is better compactness, fourth, it is recyclable, which has the greatest environmental advantages, and lays a solid foundation for the future component recyclable technology.

pv backsheet film is the key protection material for photovoltaic solar panels, so it is necessary to choose the better quality of the purchase in order to be assured. If you want to know more, please contact us.

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