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Color Pet film quality of a method of identification
 Jul 12, 2022|View:136

Color pet films are often heard in everyday life, but few people know how to identify their quality. Color Pet film is a white or light yellow high crystalline polymer, with fatigue resistance, good friction properties, less wear, with the largest thermoplastic toughness. There are several ways to tell if color pet film is good or bad:

color pet film

1. The smell of color pet film is different from plastic. When it burns with a lighter, it smells very nice and comfortable, but if it contains other impurities, the smell is very pungent.

2. After burning, pull the line on the lighter to see how long it is, and then break the line to see if the breakpoint in the middle is rolled into a small circle, the larger the volume, the higher the melting point.

3. Burning, look at the charred parts of the color pet film. If the color is too dark or the oil drips too quickly, most of the melting points are abnormal.

A more practical and better approach is to use an oven and bake for half an hour at 250 degrees Celsius. If the color pet film contains PVC, it will have a lot of yellow spots on the surface, if the material is not good, there is not enough melting point, and it will melt quickly.

Learn to identify color pet film, and you'll find quality products easily. Of course, it is also important to find the right manufacturer to supply high-quality PET film.

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