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Pet film suppliers Malaysia takes you to know pet film

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As Pet film suppliers Malaysia, I'd like to introduce you to PET film. PET film is also known as high-temperature resistant polyester film. It has excellent physical properties, chemical properties, and dimensional stability, transparency, and recyclability, it can be widely used in magnetic recording, photosensitive materials, electronics, electrical insulation, industrial film, packaging decoration, screen protection, optical mirror surface protection, and other fields.


PET film suppliers Malaysia

1. What are the characteristics of PET film?


Mechanical strength and tensile strength are equal to PE film 5 ~ 10 times, and stiffness and impact resistance is excellent.


Good heat resistance and cold resistance, high temperature of 240 ° C is still stable.


Good oil resistance, acid resistance, and poor alkali resistance.


Water and steam through small, moisture-proof, moisture-proof excellent.


For oxygen and moisture isolation ability is relatively poor, but for the fragrance of good performance.


Good transparency, anti-ultraviolet poor.


2. What are the uses of PET film?


PET film suppliers Malaysia produce PET film for electrical, insulation, packaging, magnetic containers, film, video tape, floppy disk, film, video, and entertainment applications. Its wide range of applications, such as stamping film, aluminum film, printing film, packaging film, packaging materials, composite materials, laser anti-counterfeiting composite film, drawing paper, electrical insulation materials, and capacitors.


That's all there is to know about the features and uses of PET film. We hope to help you understand our product better. If you have other needs or want to know more about it, please stay tuned. Jiangsu Yuxing Film Technology Co. . , Ltd is a pet film suppliers Malaysia, Welcome to contact us.

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