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Characteristics and types of polyester film
 Dec 12, 2022|View:456

What are the types of polyester films? What are their corresponding features? Read on if you want to know more about these issues.

types of polyester film

PET general printing film

The product has good adhesion to ink and coating, can be used for multi-color overprinting, and has good flatness. It is mainly used for frozen food heat seal bags and packaging for food, industrial products, and cosmetics.

PET anti-static film

The product has permanent antistatic properties, and low surface resistivity and can be used alone or in combination with PE and PP. It is mainly used for the protection of electronic products.

PET black film

PET black film is characterized by good black coverage, uniform color, permanence, bright, smooth, or matt surfaces, good mechanical properties, and thermal stability. It is mainly used for magnetic tape black slip paper, electro-acoustic equipment, adhesive tape, etc.

PET electrical film

It has good electrical, mechanical, thermal, and chemical inertness, good insulating properties, and high resistance to the breakdown of electric cards.

PET card protector film

The product has good transparency, high stiffness, good thermal stability, flat surface, excellent winding performance, uniform longitudinal, and cross-sectional tensile properties, and excellent properties such as water, oil, and chemical resistance. It is specially designed for the protection and packaging of pictures, documents, papers, and office supplies, making it flat and beautiful after stamping as a protective film, keeping the original clear and undeformed.

PET common aluminized film

Aluminised PET films can be divided into types with no surface treatment, single-sided corona treatment, double-sided corona treatment, and highly transparent types. The products are characterized by good processability, good adhesion of the aluminum layer, good brightness of the aluminum layer after aluminum plating, and excellent mechanical properties. In addition to aluminized PET film, it can be used for printing lamination or cardboard lamination. It can be used as a decorative film. In addition to aluminum plating, aluminized PET film is suitable for printing lamination or cardboard lamination. It can be used as a decorative film, e.g. for string crafts, Christmas flowers, etc. In addition to being used for flexible packaging applications, the aluminized base film can also be used for waterproof material applications.

PET hot stamping film

The product has good thermal stability, high tensile strength, and good flatness of appearance. It is mainly used in aluminum electroplating and laser stamping applications.

PET Transfer Film

PET transfer films are characterized by good thermal stability, high tensile strength, multiple uses, and good flatness of the film surface. It is mainly used in aluminum spray transfer paper and gold and silver cardboard applications.

PET Heat Seal Film

It is widely used for sealing non-metal containers in the pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic, motor oil, chemical, pesticide, and feed industries. It can play the role of moisture-proof, leak-proof, anti-counterfeit, and anti-theft, improve the grade of products and prolong the shelf life because of its beautiful appearance, printable pattern logo, and strong barrier.

PET high-brightness film

The product has the characteristics of low haze, high transparency, and good brightness after aluminum plating. It is mainly used in packaging printing, laser anti-counterfeiting, aluminizing and hot stamping transfer, etc.

PET matt film

The products are characterized by high haze, low gloss, good haze, and optical properties, excellent surface, and performance. Mainly used in the demoulding, electronics, label manufacturing, special stamping, vacuum aluminizing, etc.

PET capacitor film

The product has good insulation performance, good dielectric properties, chemical resistance, heat shrinkage, and thickness stability. It is mainly used in capacitor media, as well as the insulation compartment of transformers and coils, etc.

PET flame retardant films

The product has superior flame retardancy and excellent electrical, mechanical, heat, and chemical resistance properties. They can be widely used in the electrical insulation industry, such as insulation materials for motors, capacitors, coils, and cables.

These are the characteristics and types of polyester film, hope it can help you better understand our products, if you have other questions about this, you can contact us directly.

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