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Analysis of quality problems of white polyester film

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Yellow or gray color of white polyester film, especially when rolled into a shaft. You can see it with the naked eye. And yellow strip, it is necessary to unfold the film, or light observation. Or shop on white bottom line, ability is better identified.

Gel point, yellow point, black point "reason is the same, yellowing is the resin thermal oxygen stability is poor, or more air into the extruder. When the resin is thermally oxidized to produce larger leachal. As acetaldehyde reduces antimony trioxide to antimony, the film (resin) becomes gray. Yellow strip, more in the replacement of the filter, or after the replacement of resin. The reason is when the replacement. Or air into the person, or part of the resin in the machine stay too long. Make part of the resin yellow, and these yellow resin formation can not be fully mixed with the normal melt plasticizing uniform, so there are yellow strips.

white polyester film

One characteristic of electrostatic phenomena is adsorption. The white polyester film surface friction, or film roll roll peel, or film in high speed operation, will form a good electricity. If there is dust, paper, hair and so on near the film. It may be adsorbed to affect the quality of product film (especially capacitor film). Serious static electricity may cause fire and electric accidents. It is known that the electrostatic of white pet film is too large, which has a bad effect on the subsequent processing and processed products. For example, the electrostatic size of adhesive white polyester film can be set at about 500V by electrostatic tester, and the electrostatic size on both sides of the film is also different.

White polyester film is a polar electrical insulation material, which prevents the charge generated by friction, shear and other actions from being transferred, but accumulates on its surface to form static electricity. Electrostatic size of white polyester film and electrical properties of resin body. Application of additives. And the film making process. Because they directly affect the structure and performance of the surface/surface of the film, such as surface crystallinity, polar group number and orientation, the size of the contact area of the two film surface and other factors affecting the formation of electrostatic.

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