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Demand and market for films polyester
 Jun 20, 2022|View:256

With the development of technology and the development of society, the packaging market is the biggest application area of films polyester, because, in recent years, the price of pulp increased, at the same time, plastic processing technology and the performance of finished film improved, the market of plastic packaging is increasing gradually. Films polyester has the advantages of light weight, softness, less waste, small space, low cost, and high cost-efficiency.

films polyester

Films polyester has excellent physical and chemical properties and is irreplaceable in all applications. For example, in the field of packaging, because films polyester is non-toxic odorless, gas barrier, oxygen resistant, and moisture resistant, has become the preferred soft drink packaging, and pharmaceutical packaging materials; In the field of electronic information and electrical insulation, films polyester is hard to be replaced by other materials because of its high mechanical properties, heat resistance, chemical inertia, good insulation and high breakdown voltage In solar applications, films polyester's heat and cold resistance, outstanding mechanical properties, flexibility, and dimensional stability make it an important substrate for solar cell back materials; in optical applications, because films polyester has excellent optical properties, such as good transparency, low haze, high gloss, other products are difficult to replace.

In our country, films polyester is widely used in food packaging, electronic components, optical components, capacitors, and other magnetic materials such as audio tape, and computer recording tape. With the gradual improvement of our people's living standards and the establishment of occupational regulations such as food and medical treatment, films polyester has a large market potential in our country, with an annual growth rate of more than 10%. Films polyester packaging materials in our plastic products career in the fastest, which is a two-way stretch films polyester is a strong momentum of one of the categories.

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