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New use of white PET film

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White PET film has excellent physical and chemical properties and dimensional stability, transparency, recyclability, can be widely used in magnetic recording, photographic materials, electronics, electrical insulation, industrial film, packaging decoration and other fields, with the development of special functional polyester film, new uses continue to appear. Some of the new uses will be briefly discussed in this article.

Compressed air plastic film

Compressed air plastic film (foam packaging) is made by sealing two pieces of polyester film together and filling air bubbles between them. In this way, the compressed air provides good cushioning for lighter items, and it can be cut, so it can pack products of any shape or size. Since the main role of polyester film is to improve support, it is expected that films of medium thickness (25-75 μm) will be suitable.

Nano white PET film

Nano white PET film

High transparency and gloss: the particle size of nanoparticles is between 1 and 100nm, smaller than the wavelength of visible light, which has little influence on the transparency of the film.

High resistance and heat resistance: Using nanometer materials with special performance and unique processing technology, make the nano materials in nanoscale evenly dispersed in PET substrate, by stretching orientation in the process of film production, thus make the PET film presents very excellent blocking performance, O2, CO2, H2O transmittance exponentially decline, heat-resisting performance is greatly improved, can enlarge the application field of PET, Greatly prolong the shelf life of the packaging, but also can be used for hot filling or sterilization occasions.

Application of transparent electrode

It has been reported that soluble high conductivity polyaniline has been successfully coated on white PET film instead of ITO as a transparent electrode, and it is the first time to achieve a flexible large area plastic light-emitting diode in the world. By studying the interface characteristics between luminescent polymer material and metal electrode, the long-term stability of the device is ensured.

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